for the Snow Queen, a parable


So the queen was banished to a lonely land for her cruel and perverse nature.  Her shock turned to rage, she raged but no one heard and her heart froze into a shell of ice to contain her bitterness.  The land shuddered and shrank, the animals fled, the trees grew barren and splintered.


And the queen smiled and turned away to greet her fate.  She carved out a palace from the ice all around, surrounded her.  At night the ice palace glistened and she listened for the beating of her heart but it was silenced by the cold, colder than her frozen heart, so cold that sometimes the ice boulders split with a shrieking sound.


She forgot her own name and could not speak, when she opened her mouth only those strange shrieking sounds.



And the queen who no longer ate or shit or even felt hunger grew a long, downy coat of silver hair so that her breasts were covered and her face, but she did not care.  Only her palms and soles remained hairless so that her hands and feet were always cold.  Her nails grew brittle and transparent —-